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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fundies Fan Flames

Letter to Editor, San Ramon Valley Times
By Burt Bogardus

The religious right leadership (Robertson, Dobson et al) have gleefully seized the gay rights issue with even more zeal than their other divisive pet topics--abortion, school prayer, vouchers and creationism.

If the Christian fundies would cease fanning the flames of anti-gay bigotry, the widespread prejudice against lesbians and gays would be greatly diminished.

While you or I may not find same-sex unions to be our cup of tea, the decision is not ours to make. It is hard to understand how two gay people committing themselves to one another threatens the relationship or marriage of anyone else.

These Christian busybodies need to redirect their excess energies toward purging their churches of pedophiles and other perverts. I suggest they heed Christ's advice about casting the first stone.

Amending the Constitution should be reserved for matters of importance.

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