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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Letter to Editor, San Ramon Valley Times

By Burt Bogardus

George Bush Sr. once told a reporter that he didn't consider Atheists to be citizens. Truly the sins of the father have been visited upon the son, for it would be hard to identify any president in history more hostile to the First Amendment than George W. Bush.

We are already forced to endure numerous unconstitutional offenses: God in our congress, God in our courtrooms, God in our public parks, God on our money, God in our flag salute, God in our national motto, God in our oaths of office -- and yet these religious zealots are forever planning new assaults on Jefferson's "Wall of Separation" between government and religion. They seek to usurp the public school system to indoctrinate other people's children with their pet religion, and strive to add religious amendments to our Constitution. Millions of American tax dollars are being misused to bribe religious businesses favorable to the Bush regime.

George Bush owes his presidency to Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Jerry Falwell and others of their ilk. Anyone who tries to argue that he is a proponent of church/state separation is either deliberately deceitful or grossly ignorant.

Burt Bogardus


Anonymous said...

An empty,waisted,ultimately meaningless life....devoid of intrinsic value.....doomed to the anxiety of arbitrary wandering....left longing for a connection to the ultimate and infinite source of all being....yours is the choice not to choose.....yours is the empty cup of sorrow which knows no fullfilment.....I can give you a reason to live if you wish....go stand in a park and listen to the children the birds fly....feel the dirt under your feet....its physical but its not physical....which is it? can energy bind together in masses to form a thinking and loving entity?.....

Anonymous said...

I agree fully with the writer. What happened to separation of Church and State? Since all of these God fearing people and thier business organizations they call Churches, Temples, Mosques, Synagogues, and all other places of worship have political power behind them to change American politics it is only right and fair to have them pay taxes. If this were to happen our situation we are struggling with now would be greatly reduceded. For President Obama to include Atheists as a part of all Americans in his speech made me feel proud and thrilled that I made the right choice.

Anonymous said...

It might be helpful to read the 1st ammendment:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free excercise thereof;..."
Do you see "... no law..."? The word "seperation" is not even in the first ammendment. This ammendment is about allowing for the free excercise of all religions - with no laws restricting them! It is simple mathematics - Atheists are outnumbered. Atheists could have there quotes, "scripture" (if you will), etc. engraved on the walls of our courts had that been the religion held by the founding fathers of this nation. Yes, I said "religion" as I see atheism as a spiritual (or lack thereof) belief. Atheists are free to practice their religion exactly because we have the first ammendment in this country. Name one country on this earth who's government or ruling class gives equal time to all religions. Here's another way to look at the "church & state" issue - have we become a better country as we have moved toward secularism, removed prayer from schools, taken God out of more and more things, or have we seen more greed, more divorce, more school shootings?
Perhaps, as atheists, you should actually promote the beliefs that have kept you safe in your homes and able to practice your own beliefs freely, instead of trying to tear down the very foundation of the "home" or country in which you reside.